Complaints Policy Registered Charity No 294875


The Everton Pavilion Management Committee aim to run the Pavilion for the benefit of all residents of the area, without discrimination. We welcome both positive and negative feedback and comments about our work which will help us to assess our effectiveness and adjust our activities accordingly. 

If any user of the Pavilion or member of the community believes we have failed to provide a satisfactory standard of service or wishes to raise an issue relating to the quality of the facilities within the Pavilion, the safety of users, the handling of a particular issue or situation or any other related matter, the Committee will listen to your concerns, consider the issues and decide upon any further action. We take every complaint seriously and will treat every complainant with respect and courtesy. 

Complaints or comments regarding minor matters needing attention should be made to the Chair of the Committee. This can be done by letter or email, details below. We believe that most complaints can be resolved satisfactorily by a discussion or a meeting with the people involved, and we shall aim to arrange this within a week of receiving the complaint. 

If this does not resolve the matter your complaint should be made in writing (by letter or email) to the Chair or to the Secretary, who will initially consult with the Committee before inviting you to address your complaint to them. You will be given a full response within two weeks of a scheduled Committee meeting. If your complaint directly concerns the Chair, you should contact the Secretary, who will consult with other committee members before inviting you to address your complaint to them. 

Complaints or concerns relating to safety that could endanger a user of the Pavilion will be dealt with as soon as practicable on receiving the complaint. 

The outcome of all complaints will be reviewed by the Committee to ensure continued improvement in the services provided by them. 

Contact details: 

Chair: Toby Sears – 

Secretary: Jackie May –

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