Health and Safety Policy Registered Charity No 294875


Part 1: General Statement of Policy  

This document is the Health and Safety Policy of Everton Pavilion. Our policy is to: 

a) Provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for Management Committee members, hirers, users and other visitors. 

b) Keep the village hall and equipment in a safe condition for all users. 

c) Provide such advice and information as is necessary for Management Committee members, hirers, users and other visitors. 

It is the intention of Everton Pavilion Management Committee to comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and to act positively where it can reasonably do so to prevent injury, ill health or any danger arising from its activities and operations. 

Everton Pavilion Management Committee considers the promotion of the health and safety of those who use its premises, including contractors who may work there, to be of great importance. The Management Committee recognises that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety as on the operation and maintenance of equipment and safe systems of work. To this end, the Committee will encourage its members, hirers, users and other visitors to engage in the establishment and observance of safe working and other practices. 

Hirers, users and other visitors will be expected to recognise that there is a duty on them to comply with the practices set out by the Committee, with all safety requirements set out in the Hiring Agreement and with safety notices on the premises and to accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves or others.

Part 2: Organisation of Health and Safety

The Everton Pavilion Management Committee has overall responsibility for health and safety at Everton Pavilion and takes day to day responsibility for the implementation of this policy. 

It is the duty of all hirers, users and other visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with the Management Committee in keeping the premises safe and healthy.

It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the well-being of the disabled, children and vulnerable adults. 

Should anyone using the hall come across a fault, damage or other situation which might cause injury and cannot be rectified immediately they should inform the Chairperson as soon as possible so that the problem can be dealt with. Where equipment is damaged or otherwise faulty a notice should be placed on it warning that it is not to be used and the Chairperson informed as soon as possible. 

The following persons have responsibility for specific items:

First Aid box: Secretary

Reporting of Accidents: Chairperson

Fire precautions and checks: Chairperson

Risk Assessment and Inspections: Chairperson

Information to Contractors: Chairperson

Information to Hirers: Booking Clerk

Insurance: Treasurer 

A carbon monoxide detector has been installed in the main room of the Pavilion.

Part 3: Arrangements and Procedures

1. Licence: The hall is NOT licensed for music.

2. Fire Precautions and Checks: The Fire Risk Assessment is available to read. A copy is kept in the kitchen. Another copy is kept in the end room.

Fire extinguishers are tested and maintained by Fireguard Services on an annual basis.

Checking of Equipment, Fittings and Services: 

Monthly: First Aid Box, door mats and stops, toilets, accident book, fridges, fire doors, all lights, smoke detector alarm.

Yearly: Fire extinguishers, electrical certificate, gas boiler, outside lights, emergency lighting.

3. Procedure in case of accidents: The accident forms are kept in the first aid box located in the kitchen. These must be completed whenever an accident occurs.

Any accident must be reported to the Chairperson. The person responsible for completing RIDDOR forms and reporting accidents in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 is the Chairperson.

4. Safety Rules: All hirers must comply with the terms and conditions of hire. All hirers will be expected to read the conditions and should sign the hiring form as evidence that they agree to the conditions. 

The Standard Conditions state that all statutory or local regulations and rules for public safety must be strictly observed by hirers and fire and safety equipment must not be misused or removed from its designated location. Fire and other exits must not be obstructed.  

A safety check is carried out monthly and any risks reported to the Management Committee. 

5. Contractors: The Management Committee will check with contractors (including self-employed persons) before they start work that:

• The contract is clear and understood by both the contractors and the Committee.

• The contractors are competent to carry out the work (eg have appropriate qualifications, references, experience).

• Contractors have adequate public liability insurance cover.

• Contractors have seen the health and safety file and are aware of any hazards which might arise (eg electricity cables or gas pipes).

• Contractors do not work alone on ladders at height (if necessary a volunteer should be present). 

• Contractors have their own health and safety policy for their staff. 

• The contractor knows which member of the committee is responsible for overseeing that their work is as asked and to a satisfactory standard. 

• Any alterations or additions to the electrical installations or equipment must conform to the current regulations or the Institute of Electrical Engineers Code of Practice. 

6. Review of Health and Safety Policy: The Management Committee will review this policy annually. 

The next review is due in April 2023.

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